Ringing in the New You

The New Year is almost upon us. Are you ready for it?

I am.

2014 was a good year; I have no complaints. But I love a fresh start and  a blank slate to fill up with new exciting things. New Year’s is easily one of my favorite holidays.

Not only do I get to see extended family that I only see a couple of times a year, but I get to take stock of the past year and look forward to what I can do differently to make the next one better- or EVEN better.

I don’t make massive New Year’s resolution lists. I learned as a teenager that that doesn’t really work. Instead I try to think of a few broad goals, then narrow those down with some markers to keep myself on track.

A long list of super specific goals doesn’t work, but a short list of far too broad goals doesn’t work either. Research tells us that our brains respond better and we form habits easier when goals are specific, so you have to find a middle ground between the broad and minute.


I recently learned of a book and blog called Mini-Habits.

I haven’t checked it out too much so I won’t endorse just yet but I thought the idea was interesting. The author explains that before Mini-Habits he was having trouble exercising consistently. He told himself one day that he would do just one push-up, but that quickly turned into a set of push-ups. He said it was then he realized that setting very small, impossible-to-fail goals motivates us to get them done and gives us a confidence boost when we do. Then, we often go above and beyond that tiny goal, which means more confidence and more getting things done. I thought about that for a while and decided he had a point. I remember telling myself the other day that I had to clean out the fridge. The leftovers were lurking and stressing me out. I told myself I would just dump all the food and soak the dishes, but not scrub them clean, dry them and put them away just yet. To my surprise I not only dumped the leftovers and rinsed them clean but proceeded to load them and all the rest of the dishes up and wash a whole load.

Point being, there might be something to this theory that could possibly help with your New Year’s resolutions.


So what kind of goals are you setting for yourself? Right now, I have three broad goals that I’m working on narrowing down:

1. Live more naturally and healthfully

2. Become more spiritually disciplined

3. Use time more wisely

That last one will definitely include making a cleaning schedule of sorts to keep up on those less-frequent chores that I seldom get around to doing (dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the oven, etc., as opposed to dishes, laundry and de-cluttering which are always there reminding me, nay, forcing me, to get it done) The second will definitely include doing some sort of devotion with prayer time every day. I have no excuse for not doing this already. As for the first one, Luke and I are really focusing on avoiding preservatives, GMOs, unnatural ingredients and chemicals. On top of that, we’re trying to eat less empty calories and consume more vitamins, antioxidants, lean protein and healthy fats. As for exercise, I haven’t even started planning that, seeing as the pregnancy makes things a little tricky. After the baby’s here and the initial exhaustion wears off we plan on, well, planning, I guess.


Enough rambling! I’d like to hear from you, and I ‘d like to leave you with some fun things. New Year’s isn’t all about making major life changes; it’s also about parties and good times. Here are a few blog posts and things to help you ring in the New Year.

1. Get Pretty

Line your inner rim with gold for subtle sparkle.

with this Buzzfeed list

2. You need killer hair with that pretty face


Love this list (especially that bun) from Top Inspired

3. Guys, I haven’t forgotten you


Proper Kid Problems

4. Party time


5. Food

buffalo chicken bites 1

How To This and That

6. Crafts

19 Quick And Easy New Year's Eve Crafts For Kids

How to This and That

7. Resolutions Apps




That should get you started on your best year yet.

Seriously, let me know what you’re thinking. We could all use tips and advice so if you have any, please share.

I have a few fun tutorials coming up so stay tuned (especially if “more diy” is one of your resolutions).

Love always,


P.S. Please enjoy this lovely duet about New Year’s Eve by the loveable Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt

Screenshot (6)


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