I was intimidated to start a blog. Partly because it’s surprisingly intimidating to actually sit down and get your ideas out there, and partly because I’d started making an impossibly long mental list of all the annoying things I noticed on blogs I’d come across that I wanted to avoid if I ever did work up the nerve to start one. This list soon lead to anxiety. These people were writing very successful blogs! What would my amateur blog look like? So I started reevaluating this list and scratched some things out. Maybe I was being too critical. Maybe I was looking for reasons not to start. Whatever the case, I narrowed the list down to a few things I do want to avoid, and you can hold me accountable. So, here’s the list:

  • Typos and Grammatical Errors- I’m not saying I’ll use “who” and “whom” correctly every time, or that you’ll never see me split an infinitive, but if you’re going to write for a living, either be well enough versed in English to catch your own mistakes or have someone else proofread your work. I actually cringed the other week when I read the phrase “…cut myself a peace of pie” on a popular, widely read recipe blog. That being said, I apologize in advance for occasionally ending a sentence with a preposition.


  • Vague Recipe Directions with Little to No Pictures- Generally speaking, the people who try out recipes they found on blogs are not master chefs or professional bakers. I need details and pictures help reassure me that I’m not way off track. “The pretzels need to take a bath before baking…” Ok? What does that mean? Do I draw them an actual bath and throw in the rubber ducky? Help me out here! I hope to be detailed enough to direct the most novice of bakers without insulting anyone’s intelligence.

  • Beginning Every Post with “Honestly…” or “I have to confess…”- Especially when it’s something like, “I have to confess…I LOVE DESSERT!!!!!” Duh. Who doesn’t? That’s not a confession.

zooey deschanel dessert person gif New Girl

  • 4. Using Way Too Many Exclamation Points- Enough said.


  • 5. Sounding Like a Totally Different Person- I want anyone who reads my blog and also has the pleasure to know me in real life (ahem) to not feel like they don’t recognize my voice. Nothing annoys me more than reading someone’s post on Facebook and thinking, “They would never say that! Who are they pretending to be?” So I’m not going to suddenly start using words like “adorbs” or “scrumptious” (except maybe facetiously. And I do use that word. A lot.)

All that being said, I hope you don’t think me too negative a person. I just want to be honest and offer something different in a “Mommy Blog” (more on that later). In the meantime, I hope you stick around to see me attempt to fulfill all these promises.

Love Always,



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